Founded a new company

Co-Founded GiveWP

The pinnacle of my WordPress career can be summarized in one word: GIVE.

Devin Walker, Jason Knill, and I built GiveWP in 2015. It started as a deep-dive discussion with Devin and I at the last WordCamp San Francisco. We wanted to solve a big problem for nonprofit organizations. We wanted them to be able to do online donations easily, without a lot of fuss. We wanted to "democratize generosity".

Together, we built something new and excited, something all WordPress users could use to connect to PayPal and Stripe quickly and safely. Over the years, GiveWP would grow to a team of 25 and support over 100,000 websites all over the world and collectively raise literally billions of dollars to help make the world a better place.

One fun anecdote. At launch, I implemented a live chat tool and sat on it all day, just to get all the initial feedback. I ended up chatting with Sarah Gooding from WPTavern because of that, and she put together this excellent launch write-up. 6 years later, she would also cover our acquisition. Thanks for the support, Tavern/Sarah!